digital season blooms

ViaFlowers is a local flower store who specializes in creating beautiful flower arrangements for you. The folks at ViaFlowers create their flower arrangements depending on the season, so customers get different kinds of flower arrangements every time. 

The Brief

ViaFlowers were already operating as a traditional store for quite some time. It was time for them to tap into the online world and acquire new customers. Through our discovery sessions, we identified that shipping information were complicated – some areas were charged differently and some areas were not covered. We needed to create a feature for customers to check whether their area was covered or not.

Furthermore, we needed a feature to allow customers to put in a personalized message during their orders. Most of ViaFlowers’ customers purchase their flower arrangements and send it to their significant others. 


Percent increase in overall business


Products sold during the ad campaign


Raving reviews written since the launch

The Result

ViaFlowers now have a beautiful and modern looking e-commerce. Furthermore, customers no longer get confused about their shipping coverage. All customers had to do was enter their postcode and the site would tell them whether deliveries could be made.

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