showcasing capabilities to the world

Pyrocare is the first fire-resistant glass manufacturer in Malaysia. With their patented Nano-T technology, Pyrocare is able to produce fire-resistant glass that’s stronger, safer and more visible when compared to the competitors. With this obvious superior product, the folks at Pyrocare are determined to disrupt the Malaysian market.

The Brief

Despite the patented Nano-T technologies, Pyrocare was still a young startup when they approached us. It was important for Pyrocare to launch quickly and be the first to market. Thus, time was essential for them.

Pyrocare needed a simple website to showcase their capabilities to the world. Pyrocare was also strict in color choices. They were adamant about only using the colors black and white. To them, this symbolizes the fact that there is no gray area when working with Pyrocare. It’s always black and white – full of integrity. 


Percent increase in overall business


Products sold during the ad campaign


Raving reviews written since the launch

The Result

With the limited time schedule, we poured our focus into getting the website ready for Pyrocare. In 3 weeks, we were able to design and build the website for Pyrocare. Despite the rush, we ensure the design is modern and attractive. 

We designed the homepage of Pyrocare to showcase their capabilities and how they are the authority when it comes to Fire Resistant glass. Needless to say, Pyrocare was very happy with the work we delivered. 

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