redesigned to meet the latest design and technologies standard.

As the name tells, Leader Glass is a manufacturer for safety glass products such as patterned glass, laminated glass, reflective and non-reflective glass. Leader Glass provides their safety glass to a wide range of industries including Greenhouse, Building Windows, Anti -Theft Showcase Glass, Display Cases, and Skylights among many others. 

The Brief

When Leader Glass approached us, they already had a working website. However, the website was outdated and still had a very old fashioned design – definitely not up to today’s standards.

The folks at Leader Glass needed a way to showcase all the ways their safety glass could be applied. Furthermore, Leader Glass realized it was time to tap into the digital market – where they could engage with the customers easily and vice versa.

To meet their requirements, a website refresh was necessary. We had to redesign and reimplement their website to meet the latest design and technology standards. We also added a portfolio page for the folks at Leader Glass to showcase their previous work. This will allow their potential customers to easily view all the possible applications of safety glass.


Percent increase in overall business


Products sold during the ad campaign


Raving reviews written since the launch

The Result

A few months into the project, we completed the website refresh. Leader Glass already had a logo and theme color – green. So it was important for us to also align the website design with this theme color.

Not long after being published, the Leader Glass website now ranks number one in multiple search terms on Google such as “leader glass”, “safety glass miri”, “malaysia leader in safety glass”.

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