connecting students to the right profession

Inspir is a company that provides an online platform that allows students to seek jobs, and lets companies hire students. Its main mission is to inspire future talents by connecting students to the right profession. Their platform is mainly developed to help the students to gain experience, which gets to familiarize real-life working experience, expanding their network, while earning extra income to support their studies. 

The Brief

As a startup, Inspir needs a platform to validate its targeted market. However, their main concern is to have a modern-looking platform.

It is especially important for Inspir to have a design from the user-based perspective, which is achieved by obtaining feedback from their targeted customers during prototyping. After some discovery sessions together, we have confirmed the look and feel of the platform. Using these designs and prototypes, the Inspir’s team could then begin reaching out to their target market, pitch the idea, and understand the target market at a deeper level.

Furthermore, being a young start up, we had to make them look professional, which they also approached us for our branding services.

The Result

In a few weeks, we delivered design works for Inspir’s platform. They were very satisfied with the design and communicated their intention to work together again once they see more successes in market validation. 

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