digitize business to distributing frozen seafood

HorverFineFood was founded in 2002 and started as a live seafood distributor where they gradually expanded into importing and distributing frozen seafood as well. They are a well-known distributor in the F&B industry, especially for the freshness of their product. As of today, HorverFineFood is still growing. They are importing and exporting seafood to 32 other countries daily. 

The Brief

When HorverFineFood approached us, they already had clear requirements on what they needed. The folks at HorverFineFood were receiving fierce competition and had to act quickly. They wanted to digitize the way they do business – especially when it comes to their product catalog.

HorverFineFood wanted to upload all of their product information online, where their customers or sales personnel could easily access and browse. Furthermore, in our discovery sessions, we realized that the folks at HorverFineFood were very proud of the freshness of their products. This is one of their unique selling point and thus, we ensure that the message is delivered throughout the website 


Percent increase in overall business


Products sold during the ad campaign


Raving reviews written since the launch

The Result

HorverFineFood now has e-commerce with a full list of their products online. This enables its customers and sales personnel to easily browse their products. As of today, HorverFineFood ranks number 1 for the keywords “horver fine food” and “horver line asia” on Google search.

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