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Booklyn is a young startup, determined to disrupt the education market – specifically the education textbook industry. Booklyn is an online platform which allows students to buy and sell their used textbooks. Despite being online, Booklyn, will have a one marketplace for each school. This means, students will be buying and selling their used textbooks within the community that they already are familiar with. 

The Brief

Being a very young start-up, Booklyn’s number one priority was to validate the market as thoroughly as possible. The idea sounds great, but does the market feel the same? 

To validate the market, Booklyn had to reach out to their target market and acquire their feedback. After some discovery sessions together, we decided that a website and mobile app design were what they needed first. Using these designs and prototypes, the folks at Booklyn could then begin reaching out to their target market, pitch the idea and understand the target market at a deeper level

The Result

Within a few weeks, we delivered design works for Booklyn’s mobile app and landing page. They were very satisfied with the design and communicated their intention to work together again once they see more successes in market validation. 

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