Managing ERP Systems

1ERP Solutions is an agency that specializes in installing and managing ERP systems for other enterprises – mainly the JDEdwards ERP system by Oracle. Aside from managing ERP systems, 1ERP Solutions also helps its clients in customized solutions like the development of mobile or desktop applications.

The Brief

The folks from 1ERP solutions approached us with the need to build a customized mobile application. This mobile application will be used to keep track of the movement of inventory in their client’s warehouse. Every time an inventory moves – may it be new purchase orders, sales orders, or routine cycle count, the mobile application will be used to scan the inventories.

This mobile application integrates directly into the Oracle JDEdward systems to store inventory data. Also, this mobile application is developed to work specifically on the device Cipherlab Model RS3 – a mobile device that is equipped with a 2D image laser scanner. 

The goal of this application is to accurately keep track of inventory at any point in time. 

The Result

After a few months of work, we were able to gather enough requirements, create the UI design and actually develop the mobile application. Both the folks at 1ERP Solutions as well as their clients were pleased with the results and have since used the application on both their Malaysia and Singapore warehouse. 

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