So your new and shiny business website is finished. Now you ask yourself – should I put my phone number on the website? What if I don’t get any calls and keep getting spam texts instead? Do people even call?

To answer you in short, You should definitely put a phone number on your website. Having a phone number on your website could greatly increase your website conversion. Your customers would be at ease, knowing that they could reach out to a human and get their questions quickly answered. (The questions asked are most likely about your business anyway)

Let’s go into more details on why and how should you put your phone number on your website.

Benefits of placing phone number in your website

Build Trust

Your visitors would feel at ease knowing that there’s a real person ready to help them whenever needed. Having any issue on the site? Call the number. Cannot find any information they need? Call the number. You always being there for your visitors is a surefire way to convert them into actual paying customers. Don’t forget that in the online world you only have a few seconds to impress. Before your visitors decide to abandon and never see you again.

Increase website conversion rate

This is actually a proven statistic. The folks at Flowr ran a test that lasted for 6 weeks. They used two exactly same home pages to try to get visitor sign ups. The only difference is that one home page has a phone number, whereas the other doesn’t. At the end of the 6 weeks, it shows a 0.5% higher conversion rate on the home page with phone number. 0.5% is a huge increase. Considering that the average conversion rates of a website is only 2-4%.

Close more customers

I think all of us can agree – a real person is much more persuasive than a website. Anyone who has worked on a call center before knows how ridiculously high the conversion rate is when compared to a website. Let your website and digital marketing generate leads and real sales person close the sales.. 

Free win over competition

Let’s face it. Even in this digital world, there are still a lot of people who prefer to call and talk to a real person when engaging in a business transaction. Think impatient people, urgent situations or B2B businesses. By having a phone number in your website, you have the potential to score a free and easy win over your competitors who don’t have any phone numbers on their websites. Such a small effort for a potential big reward. Why Not? 🙂

Where should you place your phone number on your website?

Please do not just place your phone number on the contact page! Your phone number should be placed on every page of your website. This means either the header or the footer.

Phone number on the header

Place your phone number on the header if your business caters to a market that has an urgent need. Think plumbing, air-conditioning fix, lawyer, disinfection service, etc. Customers in these businesses often need their problems fixed as quickly as possible. Thus, placing your large phone number on the website header makes sense.

Phone number on the footer

Businesses other than those above should place their phone number on the footer. By default, most visitors would look for contact information such as phone numbers and social media links on your footer. Also, placing your phone number in the footer is more natural. As your visitor scrolls through the content on your site and is ready to take action, your phone number is presented to them on the footer.

Phone number on contact us page

This is a no brainer. If your visit is on your contact page, they want to contact you! Place your phone number there. 

Example of Site With Phone Number in Header

Example of phone number in header

Example Phone Number in Footer

Example of phone number in footer

Should I use my personal number?

Placing your personal number on the internet is a big no-no. This will expose your personal information. Especially in this day and age where your phone number is used a lot for One Time Passwords (OTP) in official institutions like banks. Exposing your personal number will inevitably expose other private information like your address. Plus! I am a strong believer in separating your work and private life. You need dedicated time for loved ones. 🙂

That being said, here are some choices you have:

  • Get another line under your active service provider and use two sim cards on your smartphone. You could then switch off the business sim card at night time when you are off work. If your smart phone doesn’t support multiple sim cards, then this solution is not for you.
  • Get a phone number service for your small business. This is a cheaper and much better solution than buying a spare phone and another phone number. For example, Nextiva is an established phone system provider for small businesses. At $20 / month, Nextiva provides you with:
    • Free local / toll-free number
    • Call forwarding. This means your will receive any calls to their provided business number
    • Unlimited calling
    • Automated call attendant

Should I provide a toll free number?

I think this really depends on the nature of your business. If your business receives a lot of orders from phone calls, then a toll free number is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, if your business is relatively new and you don’t expect to get a lot of phone calls, then a toll free number might not be necessary.

That being said, phone system providers like Nextiva include a toll free number that you could leverage. For $20 / month, Nextiva provides you with a toll free number and other services. Click here to see these included services. I covered them above.

Prevent spam calls to your phone number

Yes. If you put your phone number on the internet, it is bound to receive spam or fake calls. These calls may come in different forms: automated voice saying you have won a cruise trip or a real person claiming to be the authority. No matter the forms, these spam calls always try to get your personal information; Never provide it to them! They should be easy to spot but they are still annoying. 

There are several ways to block these spam calls:

  • Register your phone number to the national do-not-call-list. This will not stop all spam calls because most of them are operating outside the law. Though, it will stop all telemarketing calls
  • Manually block the calling number on your smartphones (Android / iOS). This will not stop all spam calls because the spammers could use phone number spoofing and appear to call with another phone number.
  • Use paid services that leverage AI technologies to automatically block the calls if it’s identified to be spam. This is a more reliable solution but it’s a paid service. Telzio is one example of such service.

Blocking spam calls isn’t easy. But it should not stop you from putting your phone number in your website. If you are just starting out, I recommend you to do the manual blocking and register your number under the national do-not-call-list. However, If your business is larger and you are expecting to get a lot of calls, I recommend you to use paid services like Telzio.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Telzio or Nextvia in any way. It’s just an example of paid services that you could leverage.


In this article, I recommend that you include a phone number if your business website. Having a phone number in your website include below benefits:

  • Builds trust to website visitors
  • Increase website conversion rate
  • A real person can close customers much better than a website

I also suggested that you put your phone number on the header if your business is needed urgently (plumbing, lawyer, etc.). Otherwise place it in the footer.

I urged you to not put your personal phone number on the internet because it will inevitably leak other private information like your address. Instead, make use of paid phone system providers that include a separate toll free number and call forwarding.

I also provided you with both free and paid ways to prevent getting spam calls on your business number. 

I hope this article helps you make an informed decision! If you need any help with digital marketing or managing your website, feel free to reach out to me or my team by filling in the form below. Don’t worry we are a super friendly bunch! 🙂

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