What exactly do you do?

We are a digital agency – focused on leveraging the digital space to grow the businesses of our clients. This typically includes website development and digital marketing through social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Google.

How much does a website cost?

Cost of a website vary depending on various factors. We typically conduct a discovery session with our clients to understand their businesses and what exactly do they need. Though, our website development project generally starts at RM 5,000 for a basic business website with a contact form and a private email address ‘info@your-company.com’.

How long does it take to design and build a website?

The time it takes a to build a website depends on the number of features to be developed  and their complexity. Typically, a basic website takes about 3-4 weeks to develop from beginning to end. This estimation assumes that the content of the website is ready.

Do I need my own domain name and web hosting?

You do not need a web hosting. We will build your website and help you host it as part of our maintenance efforts.

If you do not already have a domain, we recommend you to get one. If this is difficult for you, we could also help you purchase a domain of your choosing.

Will my website work on mobile devices?

Absolutely yes! All of our websites are responsive. This means, it will work across different devices like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop.

Do I get a private email address with my website?

Absolutely yes. We provide 2 email addresses as part of our website development. For example, If you have a domain ‘mystore.com’, we could provide you 2 email addresses such as ‘info@mystore.com’ and ‘admin@mystore.com’. The email address names are your choice.


The email addresses could be viewed using programs like Outlook on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Do you do E-Commerce/Online Store websites?

Absolutely yes! Check out our portfolio list to see the kinds of websites we do.

Do you do Social Media Marketing?

We sure do. We provide marketing services for social medias like Facebook & Instagram, as well as search engine like Google.

Do you provide designing services only?

Absolutely yes! We provide design services for branding and marketing purposes. Branding design typically include a company logo, brand guide, invoice template and business cards. Whereas marketing design could include posters and banners to be used on social media posts.


What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your website higher up in the search results on search engines such as Google. The higher up the results you are the more traffic (and customers) you’re likely to get.

There are many aspects that go into achieving good SEO, and one of the most important is the copy (words) on your website. Focus on well written, keyword rich and appropriate content is the key.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your address on the internet. Typically this would be something like yourcompany.com

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows your website to be viewed on the Internet. It’s basically a computer housed in a data center that runs your website and email.