Having a site is essential for everyone who wants to increase their online presence. Deciding which one is right for you will depend on your time, budget, current coding and design skills, and willingness to develop those skills. WordPress and normal custom-built (static) HTML websites are not the same, they both present a very different experience.

If you don’t breathe HTML/CSS, you will definitely need to hire a website developer to create webpages your site from scratch, with this option, you can make your website looks and function exactly as you wanted.

WordPress is very commonly used, 37% of the web we can see on the web is built on WordPress, it allows you to easily customize the design of your website without having to deal with programming languages. Cool fact, websites with regularly-updated blogs are 434% more chances to be ranked higher on search engines.


You really don’t need to have any coding knowledge or web design experience to work with WordPress for a simple website. It has its own content management system’s user interface, clean and user-friendly that lets you manage your website content from the dashboard at ease.

On the other hand, for a custom-built website, you must interact with the code for anything that you want to change. While you’ll have the total control over the structure and design of your website content, you’ll need the time and in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to wield that control.

Human mode… Code-Free

You really don’t need to have any coding knowledge or web design experience to work with WordPress for a simple website. It has its own content management system’s user interface, clean and user-friendly that lets you manage your website content from the dashboard at ease.

One of the best advantages of WordPress is that it can almost completely eliminate the coding management of your website. Almost all actions that you can think of can be performed with few clicks with its graphic user-interface.

So what really can you do with the graphic interface? From creating your own content to changing the theme of your website to configuring its SEO settings, manage your eCommerce store, and plenty more other important actions.

In addition, WordPress also offers east content management with plenty of great features, including drag-and-drop interface, adding cool widgets and customize the page animation without touching a single line of code.

Can a custom-built HTML website do these?

Did I say theme?

Every WordPress site comes with a theme. Your theme basically shows you the look-and-feel of your website. There are tons of free and premium themes that you can choose to suit your website purpose.

Some of my clients told me that they avoid using WordPress because they believed that WordPress websites can’t be customized like how custom-built websites do. That’s not totally true.

There are many great and useful WordPress plugins out there that let you customize the way you want for your website, without having to type any code. Some high-quality theme has also built-in some premium plugin with it too. In simple, WordPress really has all sorts of plugins, literally everything you can think of.

Check out these sites to browse high-quality themes at affordable prices:

On the other hand, with a normal website, you can only customize your website looks using your own coding. It is indeed a very time-consuming method, I’m not done yet, it’ll be worse if you want to radically change your website looks in the future.

Which is more Expensive?

WordPress is way cheaper to set up and launch compared to a built-from-scratch website. It ranges from $2,000 to $25,000 to hire web developers to build a custom HTML website. Annual hosting and maintenance fees will pump the numbers even higher.

This is also the main reason why small to medium businesses choose to launch their businesses online with WordPress. I would say WordPress is a good start for small businesses because it’s affordable and easy to set up, even you do not possess professional programming knowledge.

Which is best-suited for eCommerce?

Think big! You can also turn your website into an online store. A custom built-website and a website powered by WordPress can both run eCommerce. To be honest, you really won’t be able to tell the difference if you place WordPress eCommerce over a well-built custom made eCommerce website.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that can get your eCommerce store started quickly.

Which performs better for SEO?

I’m sure you want more people to see your website. To boost your online presence, you have to get your website ranking as close as possible to the first page on search engines. You’ll need to optimize your webpage SEO. We’ll see which is more “SEO-friendly”.

SEO – on WordPress

WordPress lets you easily customize your URLs, meta descriptions, image alt-text, etc., without having to touch a single line of code.

Maybe you’re not that tech-savvy, WordPress also has a wide range of plugins to help you!

Yoast SEO and WP Rocket are the most commonly used ones, they help you customize your webpages’ SEO easily.


SEO – on custom-built website

There are many ways that you can perform SEO for your HTML website, it can be very complicated. It is the opposite of what WordPress can do, and you can’t use any plugins to ease your job. It is very time consuming, imagine creating tags of each element. Hiring someone to do this job may cost a lot too.

Don’t lose your Bucks 💰

There is so much more WordPress can offer for your business. Before you hire yourself a web developer and lose big bucks on an ineffective website, give WordPress a go and see what it can really do for you.

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