First impression is definitely very important when we talk about business. Business owners know how important email is. It’s the main tool they use to communicate with their clients or customers, or for tracking purposes. Having your own professional business email address will definitely help your business to succeed. It’s never too late to have one for your business.

A business email is what your customer expects to communicate with. Yes, it is possible to have a business email address without a website and can do it with or without web hosting. But before that, let me show you what you need to know beforehand.

What you need to have

A professional business email address has your company name instead of the commonly used Gmail or Yahoo account, e.g.

Understandably, most small business starts with the free business email accounts without their own custom domain name. It may look “not quite” professional, you’re or

Anyone can create these generic email accounts easily, therefore it made it harder for customers and other businesses to determine if such an email address is from a legitimate business email account. On your own domain, you can have your own ideal email address without having that name conflict and have to spend time on

Buy a Domain Name & Hosting

It is better to thoroughly think about your domain name, it is really that important. Your domain name is the key element of your website, it defines your brand and may affect SEO. Well, also a good domain name can also promote trust and increase your brand recognition.

TIPS: Keywords in your domain name may help your SEO ranking.

You can purchase your own domain name at several sites. GoDaddy is one of the biggest hosting and domain name company in the world. While choosing your domain name extension, “.com” is always the best choice you should go for.

“.com” is just one of many domain name extensions, people are more familiar with “.com”, as there are more than 50% of the website domain has the “.com” extension. They won’t go wrong…

Below is a list of alternatives and they offer better service at a lower price:

Since you are going to use it for your business email, you must always look for reliable hosting companies that have good availability (uptime) records, certified for its security, and have good support. There are at least two options to get a custom email address.

Custom Domain Email Service

There are some email service company supports custom domains. They allow you to create and email address at your own domain. They usually charge on a monthly and annual basis.

Web Host for Email Services

Yes, you can still signup with a web hosting without a website. You may just use it just for email purposes.

When choosing an email hosting provider, there are some important email features you need to evaluate: allow you to have a custom domain name, have 24/7 customer support, provide anti-spam and anti-virus, decent mailbox storage with email attachment limit, and email migration tool.

Last few settings…

You have now got your own domain. There are still last few steps you need to proceed. You will need to set up some settings on your domain registrar’s end so that the emails sent to your domain is directed to your email provider. You will also need to set this up at your email provider’s end. I know it sounds technical, below I will briefly guide you through.

All domain name has got their own list of “records” associated with it. “MX record” is the email exchanger record. Most of the email services will ask you to point your domain’s “MX record” to their email server. You will need to get the name of the server (nameserver) that your provider has set up for mail receiving. You may find this information in the email provider’s documentation, or via customer support.

After achieving this information, you may need to log into your account at your email provider and amend the settings to point back to your domain. Again, you can ask for assistance with the customer support if you face difficulties.

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