Having worked in digital agencies for some time, I always encounter a common issue. Business owners treating a business website only as a name card (Especially true in Malaysia). A web address they could show off to their customers to indicate that they have a website.

With this mindset, these business owners are missing on a lot of opportunities. Take a look at this – 81% of shoppers will research the products / services online before making any purchase. What’s even more interesting is that most of these shoppers have already decided where they want to purchase before they get in contact with the business.

Without a business website, you are bound to lose all these opportunities. You are incorrect if you think this only applies to B2C! Take a look at this –  70% of B2B buyers now start off with a generic online search, before deciding on a brand to work with.

I hope this information is eye-opening to you 🙂 Because now we can discuss the 5 reasons why you absolutely need a business website.

Business Website Increases Sales

With a website, your business is always operating 24/7.

The more automation your website has, the more productive it could be in getting you sales and leads. You could use a website as an e-commerce or write blogs to turn your business website into a sales person. An automated sales person who gives potential customers correct information and persuade them to purchase from you!

Business Website Builds Authority

Businesses without a website doesn’t look credible. Think about it. When was the last time you purchase anything from a business that does not have a website?

Through your website, you could then begin blogging and share knowledge about your industry. The more knowledgeable you seem to be, the more credible and authoritative you become. Would you purchase a product / service from a business that does not know what they are talking about? Absolutely not!

Which is why, my friends, the more knowledge you share, the more opportunities you will have. Do not worry about sharing knowledge to your competitors or thinking that your potential customers will be too smart and they won’t need you anymore. Most customers purchase a product or service for its convenience and value. Not just because they don’t know how to do it.

Strictly operating on Social Media platform is dangerous

With the rise of social medias, it is now easier than ever before to start a business. Just create a couple of social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram and you are good to go.

Although leveraging social media is a wise, solely relying on a social media for your business is dangerous. What if Facebook suddenly change its policy? You will have no choice but to adapt. Worse – what if Facebook suddenly deletes your page? You will have no choice but to start from scratch again. Here’s an example of Facebook deleting 500 political pages without warning. 

All these risks are mitigated if you have a business website.

Showcase your portfolio

Persuading someone to spend money with an unknown brand is very difficult. Your existing customer’s testimonials can help a lot with this. Every time you complete a project or sold a product, be sure to get testimonials and show them off on your website!

Your potential customers will feel comfortable. Knowing there are other people who made the purchase and are satisfied. Plus, testimonials will also inflict the ‘fear of missing out’ feelings into your potential customer’s minds.

A Long Lasting & Free Advertising

Earlier, I mentioned that 81% of shoppers will research about the products or services online before making any purchase. What if your website shows up when these consumers search for them?

That will be the best kind of advertisements! Your business is shown to the right people at the absolute right time (when they are looking to purchase).

This is all possible with a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site. Once your site reaches the top, it will likely stay there for some time.

Get Started With Business Website

With all that being said, what’s the best way to get started with a website?

Getting started with a business website does not have to be difficult. There are free and paid website builders like WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace. You could spend a week to a month learning about these software and attempt to build your website.

However, I recommend that you outsource these tasks into a professional digital agency. Let the professionals handle your website and digital marketing. While you, the business owner focuses on innovating the business.

A good digital agency could help you with below:

  • Design and develop your site
  • Host the site
  • Maintain the site
  • Market the site for a maximum amount of exposure to the business

If you do need help in developing your website, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation session using the contact form below.

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